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SimplexLP for Mac is the perfect learning companion for teachers and students.

SimplexLP makes it incredibly easy to solve linear optimization problems.  Just type in the objective function and the constraints as you would write them down on paper.  Just click Calculate and get the results instantly.  Change coefficients and see how the solution changes.

Teachers can very easily create or set up problems and print them out with or without the solution.  This makes SimplexLP a versatile tool to make exercises for students.

SimplexLP will help students to learn the famous Simplex algorithm.  Students can easily change coefficients and see, how all this affects the optimal solution.

With SimplexLP for Mac you can:

  • easily set up the objective function and the constraints;
  • solve maximization and minimization problems;
  • solve problems with unlimited number of variables and constraints;
  • solve problems with ≤, ≥ and = (in)equalities;
  • get all the optimal solutions ("edges") to a problem;
  • see all the tableaus and the pivot elements;
  • set a fixed value in the objective function, e.g. for fixed costs;
  • set the tab width to format the tableaus;
  • print out the problems with or without the solution.

With SimplexLP linear optimization makes fun!

SimplexLP for Mac is localized

in English, Spanish and German.

And yes – SimplexLP 1.6 works

with macOS High Sierra.


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